How to Channel Your Inner Queen

This week the United Kingdom is celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which means she’s been our Queen for 70 years.

She’s now the longest reigning monarch in British history and despite all the chaos and scandal that regularly surrounds her family, she seems to have remained above it all.

Regardless of what we think about the idea of a monarchy, the immense concentrated wealth or the privileges that only a few enjoy, I believe there are some lessons we can learn from her that will help you in your business

I’m going to talk mostly about the ladies in the Group today, but if you’re a guy watching this, just substitute her for him to see if it’s relevant to you

Why am I talking only to the ladies?

Because in my experience, there are a lot of non-queen energies floating around in this industry

So let me explain what I mean

What are these energies?

Energies are like archetypes and they represent different aspects of ourselves.  First uncovered or discovered by psychologist Carl Jung at the beginning of the 20th century, they give us a framework in which to become aware of how we’re showing up and to identify the consequential results

All human beings have these archetypes or energies within them, regardless of culture, race, gender or location.

Jung identified 12 archetypes, and the four main ones that are more widely talked about are King/Queen, Warrior, Magician and Lover

Each archetype or energy has a “shadow” side, so in terms of the Queen, it’s the child, for the Warrior it’s the victim, for the Magician, it’s the saboteur and for the Lover, it’s the prostitute

And depending on how much inner work we do, we learn how to manage them best so we can show up as our best selves, and not our shadowy selves.

Once we become aware of these energies at play in our lives, we then have a choice as to which ones we entertain and which ones we work to diminish

To be in non-queen energy or the energy of the prostitute, victim or child, we’ll experience one or more of these issues

  • Often be afraid of getting negative reviews
  • When a negative review does occur, as it inevitably will, we’ll spend a lot of time trying to deal with it
  • We’ll overly worry about what other people think (or say) about us
  • We’ll try to please other people more than we please ourselves
  • We’ll pretend we don’t have any needs, so we won’t be disappointed when they’re not met
  • We may have dreams and desires, but don’t speak about them, and feel powerless to make any of them come about
  • We may be loose on our boundaries, or not enforce them for fear of what others will feel or say
  • We may let others make choices for us, because we think they somehow know better about what’s good for us, than we do
  • We judge others negatively so we can compare ourselves positively
  • We lose track of what we want, in favour of what others want
  • We may be deferring to others to avoid making our own choices, and therefore don’t accept responsibility
  • We may resort to blaming and shaming ourselves and others

So if you recognize any of this in yourself, don’t worry, you’re not alone!

We all have these energies or archetypes playing out in our lives

And if we choose to, we can work towards diminishing these fear based energies and moving more into the corresponding power-based energies, where we have the opportunity to experience our lives quite differently

So what does queen-like energy look like and how can you use it for your benefit and those around you?

  • Queen energy is decisive and directional but not confrontational
  • There is no attachment to outcomes
  • No hidden agenda
  • She has dreams and deems herself worthy of them
  • She doesn’t ask for anyone’s permission
  • She doesn’t judge herself or others
  • She doesn’t take sides in disputes but seeks to find middle ground
  • She will charge what she’s worth and not discount, unless it suits her
  • She knows that negative reviews reflect the writer, not her
  • She trusts her own judgement, knowing she’s doing the best she can
  • She stands in her power and value
  • She’s not afraid to ask for the money
  • She will seek to collaborate with others and lift others up
  • She won’t waste her time worrying about what others are saying about her
  • She is the queen and she takes a stand for herself

Just to be clear, this isn’t about being perfect!  None of us are perfect and we don’t need to be

It’s about adopting the qualities of the queen energy, rather than let ourselves fall into the shadowy energies of the child, victim, saboteur and prostitute

It’s about becoming aware of ourselves so we can make choices

So what resonates with you?

When we consciously and intentionally show up as queens of our domains, several things will happen

  • You’ll start to attract better quality guests
  • You’ll be able to increase your prices without fear or worry that no-one will pay your new prices
  • You’ll be able to slow things down, drop the frenetic activity and rest more
  • You’ll have more confidence in yourself
  • You’ll shake off those inevitable negative reviews and move on quickly
  • You’ll stop gossiping with friends
  • You’ll start to take better care of yourself physically and emotionally
  • You’ll find that your important relationships are more harmonious and loving
  • New opportunities will come your way more frequently
  • Your life will become much easier

One the most frequent things I hear from our clients, after they finish working with us, apart from their increased financial results, is that they feel they’ve been given a new lease on life and that they’re not the same people now

They tend to smile more and worry less

There’s an air of confidence about them that wasn’t there before

Who doesn’t want some of that?

I believe this industry needs more confident and professional hosts, operating from their king and queen energy where true hospitality is on offer.  I also believe that the Airbnb bonanza is coming to an end for many.  A period when anyone and their dog could rent out their spare room and pretend they were in the “hospitality” business.

I know that there are some good hosts out there solely using their platform, but in my experience, most of them were really in the “side hustle” business, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  But let’s not pretend otherwise

If you’re at the point in your life where you feel you could use some new skills, and a new perspective for yourself and your business, the click on the button below and let's talk