How I learned my truth

You probably know already that I massively grew my bed and breakfast business from making almost nothing to making six figures (in euros) in the space of less than 3 years.

What you may not know is, before my business took off,  I separated from my husband, and although we were and still are living in the same house, we lead separate lives.

During that time also, my two daughters were in their teens and still at home, so you can maybe imagine how tricky that would have been for everyone concerned, including me.

Because even though it was my decision to separate, I had to deal with the emotions and some criticisms of other members of my family.  Why are you doing that?  They asked.  What went wrong? They wanted to know.

The truth is no-one had done anything “wrong”, it was just not working.  And how did I know that?  Because I could feel it.  I could feel it every time I found myself alone and reflecting.  I could feel it every time I had to put on the mask and make it look OK for everyone else.  And I could feel it when were alone together.

I could feel my truth, but I couldn’t speak it.  I couldn’t speak it until the moment, that I decided to say it, and then it was all over, because I couldn’t then un-say it.  It was out, and it wouldn’t go back in.

So, I said my truth, and then everything changed.

My business started to grow like topsy.  Opportunities started coming to me.  People I’d never met contacted me to ask to interview me.  Other people wanted to help me.  I won a prestigious marketing award.  My reviews on Trip Advisor just got better and better.  It was like the energy had completely shifted and my world changed.  You’ve probably already heard my story…

I’m about to shift the energy again, so I can bring more of the good stuff into my life.  I am selling my bed and breakfast business and my house, and moving on.  It's time to close this chapter and open a new one.

Why am I telling you this?

First off, I wanted you to be the first to know, and because, I want to tell the truth.  Truth works.

And secondly, maybe you have some personal challenges too, that you’re dealing with while trying to grow your business.   Perhaps you’re wondering why your business isn’t growing, even though you’re doing all the “right” things and have been for a long time.

Could there be an unspoken truth that needs to be told?  Is there something you’re not being truthful about with yourself?

We all get sucked into doing things that we know aren’t in our best interests at the time, but we feel too selfish to say, so we get pulled along by the crowd, and then if you’re anything like me, you wake up one day, and think “how did I get here?”

Sometimes success, whatever that means for you, is more about what we say “no” to, and that can take courage.

And sometimes, we get to the point, where the situation we’re in is no longer tolerable.  I got to that point, said no, no more of this, and everything changed.

Is there something you need to say no to right now?  What is that thing?  And what's to stop you saying NO RIGHT NOW?

So what next for me?  As I said,  I am selling my bed and breakfast business and my house.  Moving on, moving forward.

Am I turning my back on the bed and breakfast industry?  No!  Far from it.  It is after all my success running Les Molyneux that has given me the opportunity to take the next step. So in 2014, it is my intention is to work with as many bed and breakfast owners as I can, in order to help you achieve the results, satisfaction and income that will give you the opportunities you are seeking in your own life.

I'll be working with you face to face (yes, I will come to you, if that’s what you need), on the phone/Skype, or via my online mentoring programme in order to help you succeed, whichever works best for you.

I’m looking forward to it!


Yvonne 😉






PS:  Here’s the link to my B&B FOR SALE page, in case you know anyone whose dream it is to own and run a B&B in France:

Your Champagne Dream Come True