Hotel or Bed and Breakfast – What’s the Difference Anyway?

Why choose a B&B over a hotel ?

An interesting question and sometimes the difference between the two is not fully understood.  Here’s my take on it.

A B&B is someone’s home.  The owner/manager usually lives there and sometimes has separate accommodation, but often doesn’t.  Hotels are hotels, and it’s unlikely you’ll ever meet the owner.

As a B&B guest, you get to chat with the owner, who usually has insider information about the local area and the people and places to meet and see.   They will often make appointments for you, as they personally know the people in their community. The hotel receptionist will point you to the leaflet stacks on the display and let you get on with it.

Most people choose B&Bs because they want to be sociable and meet other travellers.  This is easily facilitated by the B&B owner, over breakfast or dinner.  I know from experience at my own B&B that people have found new friends, exchanged contact details and remained in touch after a fabulous, spontaneous dinner the night before.  It’s magical when that happens, and it happens often

Horses for courses, I guess, and not everyone wants to mix and mingle with total strangers in someone’s home!  But if you do, then I recommend choosing a B&B.