Have you thought about getting some help?

Running a Bed and Breakfast is a full-on occupation, and can be exhausting, especially without any help at all.  You may have been running your B&B quite well without any help, perhaps there’s just the two of you taking care of everything.

I know that I started out like that, running a hobby not a business, and when my B&B started getting busy, I somehow resented the guests coming and spoiling my lovely house, taking all my time, and wanting something when I was with my family.   I was up to my eyes in laundry, cleaning the toilets, hoovering, shopping and cooking.  I had no time for marketing, and so my so –called business didn’t grow much, and consequently didn’t make any money which meant I was doing all that for nothing!  Sounds crazy doesn’t it, but it’s true.

All that changed when I realised what was happening, and I needed to learn the skills required to run a business.  I learned that business is a team sport, and so I had to have a team.  I hesitated for some time, because my perception was that I couldn’t afford any help.  And yet without any help, I couldn’t find the time to attract more guests.  It was a vicious circle.

I had to take a leap of faith, and trust.  I advertised for a cleaner, and two young girls showed up.  I wasn’t used to managing anybody (other than my children, but somehow I discounted that skill), but after a very short while, they took over all the cleaning, and boy, what bliss!

I couldn’t do without them now, and with that little hurdle behind me,  I started to look at what else I could outsource.  How about you?