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Help“I found you a couple of days ago online, having just received my “automatic renewal notice” from TripAdvisor; last year 475€ (for a 3 room B&B), this year 720€!

I called today to cancel & was offered a reduction, to 525€ which I am not going to accept, I am still going to cancel. I used for a year & cancelled with them, changing to TripConnect, which actually ended up costing MORE than Booking's iniquitous 20% commission.

A week or so ago I got caught in a weak moment on the phone & paid 250€ (a one time payment good for 5 years) to a company who promised me my very own marker on a map of B&Bs in my area. Help!”

If I had a dollar/euro/pound for every email like this that hits my inbox, I’d be a rich woman indeed!

The problem as I see is NOT that this person has paid too much of her hard-won cash on services that haven’t worked. The problem is that she believes that someone or something else is going to “save her”, and they’re not.

Companies like Trip Advisor, etc. they don’t really care about us.  They only care about their profits and their shareholders.   And if they can squeeze a bit more from us, they will.

The only way out of the stranglehold is to take back your power. Stop paying them and instead, find a way to attract guests yourself, using OTAs/Trip Advisor in the beginning if you need to, but then build relationshps with guests yourself, invite them to return yourself, provide valuable products and services for them yourself, be their trusted advisor for your area yourself, and then learn how to find more of them yourself.

It’s not difficult to do, but it does take a decision to do it. Once you’ve made that decision, the way will be shown to you.

If you need help with this, then book your complimentary, no-obligation consultation with me by CLICKING HERE. It’s 100% confidential.

I'm taking a stand for all B&B owners, guest house owners, innkeepers and small hotel owners everywhere.

You've got the POWER!

Yvonne x

Yvonne 150 October 2014