Are you on the map?

MapsI’ve just taken over the management of a Facebook group and the previous owner, Maria has worked really hard on a fabulous Google map which shows the location of all of the members, together with website addresses.

The real beauty of this map is that when you’re on it and people tap in your keywords to search, Google will display you on the right hand side of Page 1 with your pictures and contact details!

I'll let you know how you can get on the map in just a minute, but first, I wanted to give you some insights into what I've noticed while adding people. I hope it will be useful for you.

First, some of the B&B/guest house owners and inns are using the name of their business as their Facebook profile, like Cedar Wood Inn. This is a violation of Facebook's terms and conditions.  Facebook says you must set up your profile in your own name – nothing added – just first name, middle name (if you have one and use it) and your last name.  If you don't comply, then you run the risk of being banned from Facebook.

From your profile, you create a page for your business.  But first, let's deal with your profile.

You can list your property in the “work” area of your “About” section on your profile.  You cannot put a link directly to your website here, but you can and must link to your property or business.  Here's an example by one of my clients, Paulette who has done this well:

Paulette - FB profile about

And this is what it looks like on her profile:

Paulette - FB work

The link in her profile is to her Facebook page here:

Paulette - FB page

Then in the “about” section of Paulette's Facebook page she can link directly to her website, like this:

Paulette - FB about
The next issue I encountered was trying to find specific addresses and locations on websites.  Please check that your location and your actual address is clearly displayed on your website.  It's such a silly thing, but I was surprised how many times I had to hunt around to find it, and on some websites, I couldn't find it at all!

Have you claimed your business on Google?
Here's how to know – go to Google and type in the name of your property into the search bar. If you get “Claim Business” in the description in the box on the right hand side of the screen, then you haven't. Here's what I mean:
Google claim your business
If you haven't then CLICK HERE to go straight to it.  Google can't rank you or reference you if you haven't listed your business 🙂

And finally, here's how to get on the ever-expanding Google map of Beautiful Bed and Breakfast's around the world.  Request to join the Facebook group by CLICKING HERE and then when we've approved you 🙂 post your website address so we can pin you on the map.

Speak soon

Yvonne x



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