How to Enjoy More Income, with Less Work, and Pay Less Commission in 2018

Are you interested in finding ways to make more with less work in 2018?

How about finding ways to get more exposure without using online travel agents and paying their commissions?

What about ending the cashflow worries of the low seasons forever?

Join me on Wednesday 31st January 2018 for a free Masterclass called

“How to Enjoy More Income, with Less Work and Pay Less Commission in 2018”

In this 3 hour Masterclass, I’m taking you through the mechanics of setting up three systems that will fundamentally change the way you do business in 2018 and beyond, allowing you to serve your guests better than your Airbnb competitors, and for you to make more money with less work

In the first hour you’ll discover the secrets of your very own money making machine. I’ll take you through a system to take control of your bookings regardless of their source, encourage your guests to buy more from you to enhance their stay with you and increase your bank account, without any more work on your part.  You’ll be able to watch me build this out live on the screen.

In the second hour, I will show you how to construct an offer for your past guests, which will excite and entice them to return, giving you more predictable repeat business and allowing you to say goodbye to cash flow worries in the low seasons.  You’ll watch me construct an offer live on the screen that you can model for yourself


In the third hour, I will show you how to easily create a free guide to your area, based on what your guests are already asking you, allowing you to position yourself as an “expert” in their eyes and stand out from the crowd.  I will then show you how to use this free guide strategically to attract a constant flow of more guests both on your website and on social media, so that you’re getting more exposure without using the OTAs


Join me live on this amazing new training on Wednesday 31st January 2018 at 5pm UK time, 6pm European / Noon EST and 9am PST by clicking the link below to register now