End of an Era and Opportunities for You

Happy New Year!

2016 was year 9 in numerology, which is a year of completion. 2017 is Year 1 of a new 9 year cycle, so whatever has happened in 2016, we now get to leave old, poorly serving habits and beliefs in the past tonight, and begin tomorrow the 1st January 2017 with a fresh new perspective.

My theme for 2017 is “value” – value who you are, value what you offer and value your own expertise

How can you incorporate a theme into your new year that will guide you?

Changes and opportunities – please read on (I’m breaking my own rule here and letting you know about 4 Things in one blog post 😉

Thing 1

On Monday 2nd, we begin our 5 day January sale, where all courses in our elearning centre are on sale at 50% off.  CLICK HERE to choose what you feel would help you most, and use the promo code January to get the sale price.  Valid only from Monday 2nd until midnight on Friday January 6th (Central European Time)

Thing 2

We’re now obliged to start collecting VAT for the UK government, so new prices will be applicable to all coaching and mentoring programs with personal access to me.  This means an extra 20% on all prices after 31st January, so if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right moment to start learning how to use the internet and all its free tools to attract more guests, fill rooms in the low season, start charging more or simply reducing commissions to the online travel agents, then that moment is now.

There’s two ways to work with me, depending on where you’re at

CLICK HERE to learn more about

  • how to strengthen your boundaries so you don’t feel resentful towards your guests
  • the 4 key financial indicators so you always know at a glance whether your numbers are working out, rather than leaving it until the end of the year and no time left to fix anything
  • basic housekeeping principles about hiring cleaners, setting and maintaining your standards and how to outsource menial tasks so you can focus on attracting more lovely guests
  • uncovering your unique value, so you can set yourself apart from the competition and charge more (even if you think you can’t right now)
  • setting up a website that works and attracts the guests you can best serve and building trust and goodwill as you lead them to the booking page
  • how to use some simple technology to build even better relationships with your booked in guests so they can’t wait to meet you
  • how to set yourself up professionally on social media, so that wherever your potential guests meet you online, they’ll know it’s you
  • how to attract the attention of the search engines (and more of your potential guests) by blogging – and no, you don’t need to blog about your cat – that’s for amateurs 😉

If you need help implementing and being held accountable, then CLICK HERE to find out if Bed and Breakfast Magic! Online Mentoring Program is right for you now before we have to add 20% to our prices at the end of January.

If you feel you’ve got all the above handled, but you’re still not making the kind of money you know you can make, and you’re still relying on the online travel agents for the majority of your bookings, then you may be missing your 3 crucial systems that turn everything into a well-oiled machine that you can have fun with.

CLICK HERE to learn more about

  • How to create a professional, effective and profitable upselling sequence so your booked in guests naturally spend more of their money with you.  If you’re already “upselling” but not having much success with it, there’s probably a couple of pieces of the puzzle missing
  • How to create regular and effective offers, specifically with your past guests in mind, so they can’t wait to come back again and refer you to their friends and family, even if you’re already doing “newsletters” and not getting much interest
  • How to create a simple but powerful guest attraction system that brings more direct bookings, so you can stop relying on the online travel agents, and keep all the profit for yourself.  Using this system, you can also charge more, even if you’re feeling the pressure from local competition

CLICK HERE to find out if Bed and Breakfast Marketing Breakthrough Program is right for you, before we increase our prices at the end of January.

Thing 3

We’re reviving our TV program, “Bed and Breakfast Rescue” where we come to your property with a film crew and then work with you to achieve your business goals over a 90 day period.  Then we come back and film you and your results.  This is a very hands on opportunity to get my personal help and promote your B&B, guest house, inn or small hotel to the world, and is obviously not for everyone.

If you want to know more, then email me: yvonne@bedandbreakfastcoach.com and let me know.  We’ll then set up a time to talk it through so we know whether or not it’s right for you.

And finally….

Thing 4

I'm a Mentor at the Great Hospitality Show at the NEC, Birmingham, UK so if you're in the neighbourhood, CLICK HERE to find out more and come on down and say hello 😉

That’s it!

Is 2017 going to be your year?

Let’s make it so

With love and blessings to you and your loved ones, on the eve of a brand new day

Yvonne x