How to double your bed and breakfast business in 2016

dreamsOne of the things that many of us struggle with is an underlying belief that in order to make more money, attract more guests or have something we don’t already have, is that we need to work harder or longer, or that it’s going to be difficult.

No pain, no gain, right?

It’s New Year’s Eve 2015 and a good time to reflect on the past year and dream about what we want for 2016. Almost everyone does it, I know I do. And we dream that somehow, this coming year, it’s going to be better, or easier or more fun, and then we get to the end of that year and as usual, it was full of ups and downs and truth be told, we’re not any further down the road to accomplishing those goals we set or dreams we wished for.

And yet we worked hard, so hard.

The truth is, that change does not come from working harder or longer or believing it’s going to be difficult.

Change comes from a decision we take and a commitment we make inside of ourselves that we will do whatever it takes to make that thing we dream about, come about.

That whatever is going on right now, is no longer tolerable.

That we deserve more.

That we can have more.

Everything in the Universe is for more life. And when we feel the pull to be more and have more, it’s the Universe’s way of letting us know it’s possible. If you are given a dream, even if it’s just a little dream, then you have the capacity to realise that dream. It’s already within you.

Does that scare you?

Most of us blame outside circumstances for the way our lives are panning out. It’s the economy, the government regulations, the competition, the one negative review, the weather, our spouses, children, whatever.

Taking 100% responsibility for what we are creating with our thoughts, beliefs and actions is more difficult because it involves being honest with ourselves. Does that scare you?

Which is more scary?  Knowing that you can make your dreams come true or that you'll have to take responsibility?

Here’s how to double your business in 2016

  • First, make that commitment to yourself that you will do whatever this dream will demand of you.
  • Next, lean into the person who thinks, acts and speaks like the person who has already realised this dream.
  • Visualise and commit to becoming that person now.
  • Make your decisions now from that viewpoint, not from your fear-based position of the past.

Remember that everything is a mirror, showing you what you need to see to make those changes.

So if you find that guests are always asking for discounts or deals, can you think of a time when you do that? When do you routinely try to get a deal on something?

Commit now to paying full price for everything knowing that you’re getting great value and that your purchases are helping to feed families, buy clothes for children and keep people in their homes.  You'll have more dignity this way, and so will the vendors.

If you find that guests steal things from you, trash your rooms or aren’t honest with your honesty bar, think of a time when you disrespected someone or tried to “get away with something”. Are you surfing the internet trying to get “free” business advice, or a “free” website, or “free to book”? The best things in life aren’t free. You either pay with your time or you pay with your money – which do you have more to waste on the illusion of “free”?

Commit now to investing properly in yourself and your business and get the professional help you’ll need to become the professional B&B owner, innkeeper or guest house owner that you’ll need to become to double your business in 2016.

Amateurs fool around, professionals don’t.

Amateurs think they know it all, professionals know that they don’t.

And here’s the kicker….. you need to become a better version of yourself, with a better attitude to double your business

How do I know all this? This is what my coach told me. Turns out he was right.

But I wanted a quick fix, a magic pill or someone else to do it for me, so I didn’t have to make those internal changes, and I could carry on with my “entitled” mentality and blaming.

In the end, my situation was completely intolerable. I had to change. Resistance was futile!

If you’re still reading, I know that your dream is calling you. And I also know you have the capacity to make it real.

If you’re ready to make that commitment to yourself, then CLICK HERE to book a private call with me, so I can give you a plan to double your business in 2016, and if you wish, hold you accountable and call you out on the limitations you’re putting on yourself.

This is where I do my best work.

Let’s see you do yours x



PS – Happy New Year!