Do you have a robot?

cleaning robotImagine this….

Your cleaner comes in at the same time every day and never calls in sick. She cleans everything exactly to your specification and never misses a trick. She’s a dream employee and you know you can rely on her to do her job while you can relax.

How wonderful would life be if we could all get cleaning staff like that!

What if this cleaner was a robot that never needed feeding or talking to and had no emotions or problems or stories about why she can’t do her job.  Would you hire her?

Well although a cleaning robot might be a little into the future, I’m sure one day it will arrive, if we look at the way technology has advanced over recent years.

Now turn your attention to all those email inquiries you need to respond to, and the ones you send out to booked in guests, making sure they know about your check in and check out times, your extra offerings, how to find you, and to please write a review etc. etc. Think of the amount of time you spend doing all that. It’s a lot right?

What if you could get a robot to do all that?

Ah yes, you say, but a robot will never do it like me, it’s too impersonal and guests really want to hear from me personally.

What if you could “personalise” those emails so they ARE coming from you?

How much time out of your day could you save?

How much better could you look after your guests if you had the help of a robot?

How much more relaxed would you feel if you had more time to relax?

Think back to when the washing machine was invented. Until that point, we were washing clothes hand, using a mangle and a washboard! Ever since we experienced the washing machine robot, doing the laundry like that would never enter our heads now!

Robots rock!

I’m excited to to be taking a small group through the process of using a technology robot to get more guests, sell more to booked in guests and have them coming back again and again, asking for more, and if you’re not part of that programme, then I want to give you a sneak peak into what we’ll be covering. I’ve created a free report on How To Get More Guests and you can download it for free with my compliments by CLICKING HERE

I hope you find it useful and please do leave a comment below and tell me what you learned and what you’re going to do with that information – implementation is only thing that counts!

Dedicated to your success

Yvonne x

Yvonne 150 October 2014