Why Discounting Feels Bad for Bed and Breakfast Owners

There are customers for EVERY price point

Otherwise, we’d all be driving a Fiat Punto and living in a caravan (no disrespect to Fiat Punto owners or caravan dwellers – I was one myself, once)

There are Ferraris and there are mansions

And everything in between

People choose how much they will pay for something based on their own values and beliefs

And these can change when situations or circumstances change

So person A books a room with you at 250 (in whatever currency) and they are choosing to pay that amount because the price is in alignment with their values and beliefs at that time

You notice a “competitor” nearby who’s only charging 200 for what you perceive to be a similar product

You persuade yourself that you have to match that price otherwise you’ll have no business

Nothing could be further from the truth

When person B books a room with another B&B and pays 200 for the night, that price is in alignment with their values and beliefs at that time, not yours

YOUR price should be in alignment with your own values and beliefs, and then the corresponding people with similar values and beliefs will find you

When you discount your prices, you’re attracting people with different values and beliefs, and that’s why it feels out of alignment for you (and for them, because they feel your mis-alignment too)

This doesn’t mean you can NEVER discount your prices, but make sure you have a good reason to do it, and that you’re still in alignment with what you’re offering

Otherwise you’ll feel bad, and so will your guests

Yvonne x

how to run a bed and breakfast






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How to run a bed and breakfast