Coaching & Mentoring

How to run a B&B course is the answer for you if :

  • You need to find more guests, improve occupancy rate, increase the amount people spend with you, get more repeat business and referrals or just simply work less
  • You just want to stop relying on the online travel agents, because you’re fed up paying commissions.
  • You want to know how to fill your rooms in the low seasons and attract more direct bookings
  • You want to charge more, but are facing local low-priced competition
  • You might have been running your business for many years, but your income has flattened out and you don’t know what to do to increase it, even though you’re working harder than ever.

Or maybe you just need some clarity around your business and how it to get it working better for you?

To you, I bring my experience (of taking my own B&B from less than $10k a year to over $130k a year with just four rooms!), award winning online marketing and a philosophy that works.

I work with new and successful B&B owners/guest house owners and innkeepers around the world who want to make more money, do less work while still delighting their guests.  To find out if we’re a good fit for each other, please CLICK HERE to book yourself into a complimentary B&B Profit Makeover Session.

On this call, we will establish where you are now, where you want to go and what’s stopping you, and you’ll leave the call with an action plan you can take and implement, whether we decide to work together or not.

Looking forward to assisting you.

Yvonne x

What clients say:

Since working with Yvonne during the first quarter of 2017, I have increased my business by 44.5%. This is due mainly to changes to my mindset, boundaries and the way I think about my business. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year will bring me! YS, Spain

After working with Yvonne and her team and implementing her marketing strategies, in 2015, we increased our business by 15%, and then again by 30% in 2016, despite many challenges here in South Africa. RM, Cape Town, SA

As an innkeeper for over 27 years, I was moderately successful, never really being able to breakthrough to being very successful. Through working with Yvonne and implementing her marketing strategies, I have had my best year ever, breaking through income levels in 9 out of the past 15 months. Through working with her, I have come to change the way I had always done things, and change the way I THINK about how I do things. She knows her stuff and teaches it well, in an encouraging and upbeat way that I have personally found invaluable. MD, St Louis, Missouri, USA

After building our B & B business to the point that it was almost profitable, but I was working too hard for too little return, I realised that I needed someone to guide me in directing my energies where they were most needed and to get out of some of the mundane time-greedy tasks. Otherwise I would never be able to build the business further, let alone enjoy working in it.

Yvonne Halling has been of enormous help and over a few months working 1:1 together, she has motivated me to take the steps to make my lovely property a success both economically and personally.

Within one season I have increased takings over 20% even though we were closed for 6 months while we renovated two of our rooms.

I’m also finding more time for tasks that were haunting me for failing to attend to the previous year. Tasks I preferred doing but was too ‘time poor” to do.

I’d strongly recommend any B & B operator to get Yvonne’s help to get them past their stumbling blocks and create a business that works and that they really enjoy. JD, New Zealand

My bookings for December have quadrupled! I had always concentrated on trying to get new business even though I had lots of repeat bookings.  I always relied on them getting back to me. But contacting previous guests in this way has made a HUGE difference Yvonne.  Thank you.  This course has made a big difference even though I have been in the trade for many years. Sometimes you are too close to the problem to see it. VH, UK

I am enlightened beyond belief!  I’ve learned more in the last 6 months working with Yvonne and her team, than I have in the last 6 years running my B&B.  My bookings have doubled,  my enquiries tripled and my income keeps on growing.  SW, USA

Even if you are like me, and have years of business experience in other areas, the focus and experience Yvonne has in the B&B business can bring a crystal clear clarity to the direction of your business which you would struggle on your own for years to achieve – I highly recommend her.  MH, France

Listen to Yvonne Halling  and take her advice. We did and it made all the difference to our lives – and our business!  BK, South Africa

Just to let you know that I have taken the first step on the ‘Improvement Programme’ – I’ve hired a cleaner!  I’m on a roll now – I’ve just got someone to do some gardening work as well! I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot. Thanks for your inspiration and encouragement.  JF, UK

Hi Yvonne, done the first 3 steps of your program and you are right, we actually do know them, but we are all hesitant to change!! Your suggestions have helped me focus on fine tuning some areas which are almost there, just need a few tweeks! Looking forward to the next installment.  CP, USA

I am not the same person I was six months ago, and I would never have been able to do all this in my B&B business without you.  Thank you for everything.  CM, Scotland

To begin with I signed up for Yvonne’s free 8 part e-course and as soon as I read through part one I realised just how much she knew about the business and how inspiring her story was!  She then offered me a free introductory chat and I was so impressed that I enrolled for a 1:1  one hour “webinar” to see just how much my B and B could be making by using her amazing B and B calculator and also to get her expert view on what was working, what wasn’t and what could be done to turn my activity around from being “a means to an end” to a profitable business venture.

Just one session with Yvonne has helped me to pinpoint what needs to be and can be done urgently without massive physical and financial investment and to take a step back and look objectively at what I’m doing.  She has already boosted my confidence and has given me new found motivation.  EF, France