It’s easier than you might think
You see Amazon are online and doing it every day 24/7 so why can’t you?
Maybe you don’t know what to sell
Or the process to sell products online
Or what to charge
Or how to promote
If that’s you, then don’t worry
I want extra cash before Christmas!
That’s why I created the Cash Boost Workshop to help you set up, promote and sell products online to créate extra cash for Christmas
When Caroline did it she got her first two orders on the second day of promotion

When Karen did it, she made $416 on the first day

When June did it she got 2 orders within 30 minutes!


You’ve probably got something staring you in the face that you didn’t realise you could sell. And if you can’t think of anything right now, we have a list of what’s worked for others just like you
I’ve broken down the whole process into 3 easy steps that you could complete in just a few hours.


Step 1 Assets

What you can sell, how to talk about it, and what to charge

Step 2 Set up

Your online store on your website, and the simple process to sell

Step 3 Sales

Where the money comes in.  I’ll show you how to talk about your new online shop on social media and to your past guests, so you too can start getting orders quickly and creating that much-needed cash boost for Christmas


There's never been a better time to take control of your business, FIND OUT HOW! 
And if you’re thinking, wow this sounds difficult, let me reassure you. 
You’ll be surprised at how simple it can be when you take it one step at a time.
2020 has been tough and the product you usually sell – rooms– quite likely haven’t been possible.
But that doesn’t mean you have to go without or struggle.

When you hop into the Cash Boost Workshop online course, I’ll take you to step by step through this simple process of selling products online, with examples to Copy and templates to follow
Products you love and believe in and that could generate the extra cash you need right now
And once you’ve learned this valuable skill, you’ll be well equipped for anything in the future.
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Yes, I will show you every little detail of the technical set up, so you’ll be confident to implement it yourself.

You need an “audience” to whom you can market.  If you don’t have any past guests, but already have a large social media following, yes, it will work.

I will show you how to get access to your website, so yes you can!

Absolutely not!  I will show you how to sell from your heart, speaking directly to the hearts and minds of your guests.

YES and YES, and it will be easy, I promise you!

If you don’t have time now, then when will you EVER have time!  Now is always the RIGHT time to make money and have fun.