The elephant in the room?

BrexitWhat a week last week when, after a 40-year relationship, the people of the UK voted to “divorce” from the European Union.  Living in France (but still a Brit) meant I didn’t get the chance to vote, but what a fascinating process to observe.

Here’s my thoughts….

The arguments from both the “leave” and the “remain” sides were much like the voices inside our heads when we have the opportunity to change.

No-one likes change, and as human beings we often get stuck in how it is because of the fear of the unknown and uncertainty when we change something.  There was plenty of fear-mongering going on during the run-up to the referendum and much of what was said was totally unfounded and un-provable.  Many of those who said those things have now back-tracked and denied it – politicians – how can you trust them?

Just like the voice inside our head whenever we have an opportunity to change, grow, make more money, hire someone to free up our time, or get a coach – there’s always the fear-mongering telling us how foolish we are to even think that change is possible, when it has no proof.

Very often we just get stopped in our tracks by that voice and nothing changes – especially not the result.

Then, if we’re “lucky”, we reach a point where something HAS to change.  And somehow we find the courage to take the first step out of necessity rather than logical reasoning.

Being in the European Union wasn’t working for the Brits anymore.  What started out as a good idea back in the 70s was no longer a good idea.  The people were sick and tired of doing the same thing and getting the same result and despite the fear-mongering, or maybe because of it, the majority voted for change, even though they were afraid too.

And now the result in itself has thrown everything into chaos – this is a good sign because it means that things are changing.   In fact, after this monumental day, nothing will ever be the same again and this is a good thing too.

And the funny thing is, the sky didn’t fall in, the sun came up the next morning and we’re all still alive and well.

After the dust has settled, for better or worse, the Brits have the opportunity to create something new and exciting, and I have every confidence that they will.

What about you?  What could you create if you ignored the fear-mongering inside your head and decided to change something?  Leave me a comment below and let me know 🙂

Yvonne x







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