What does champagne grapes have to do with your business?

Champagne grapesEveryday I walk my dog, Pepper around the vineyards and forests near where I live here in Champagne.  It's part of my daily self-care habits and it keeps me and the dog fit too.

What's interesting as we walk, is the changing landscape while the seasons come and go, and the weather changes, and yet the dedicated, passionate people who tend the vines are always out there in whatever weather happens to come along.  They know that their dedication to the health of the vines will produce a harvest when the time is right.

Right now in October, the grapes are ready to be picked and the harvest will begin this week. The culmination of not just this year's work, but of several years, decades even, where the vigneron (grape farmer) has cared for his business of growing grapes.

You see when a little sapling of a vine is planted, it will take around 8 years for it produce any fruit at all, but needs the loving care, year in year out of the grape farmer to help it along, and he knows that one day it will be a magnificent fully grown vine, producing top quality grapes for years to come.  But during the first 8 years, it won't produce anything.

He's out in the wind, rain, freezing cold, and snow even, to take care of his investment.  He doesn't give up because he's not harvesting anything.  He stays in line, keeps going, knowing that his hard work will pay off, and he will reap his rewards.

Can you imagine, waiting at least 8 years for a result?

In business, we sometimes think that success should come quickly, that we don't need to put in the work, the care and the nurture for it to produce any fruit.  We're often after the “get rich quick” scheme or the next shiny new object that will deliver a bucket load of cash without us having to do anything at all!  And then we wonder why it's not working!

Crazy or what?