Blogging and How To Do It


Last night was our monthly Live Q&A for students of Bed and Breakfast Magic! Online Mentoring Programme. We meet online the first Tuesday of the month.  We create a poll in the private Facebook group and they get to vote on what topic they want help with.  The Facebook group is where they get daily help with their challenges, not just from me and my team, but from each other. They tell me that this community is one of the best things about the program, and I agree.

On yesterday's call we talked about blogging and social media. It’s confusing out there with so many platforms and not knowing how to find people who would be interested in coming to stay, is a major challenge for most B&B owners.

Two main themes came up on the call….

First, how often should I blog? My response was, how often do you want to be seen by the search engines? Keep in mind the reasons you blog. First, you blog to get noticed by the search engines, and second to get noticed by your potential guests, which happens naturally if you focus on the first reason.

Each properly structured blog post is another opportunity for the search engines to notice you, otherwise you and your website might appear “dead”.  Properly structured means using keywords, your permalink (which is the unique URL for your blog), categories, description, title and tags which are all easy to do if you’re using WordPress as your platform, and I recommend you do.

With your lovely new blog post written and “optimized” (which means everything I’ve just mentioned), now you need to get it out on social media and around the web. We go into this in a lot more detail in the Online Mentoring Program.

Second question on the call was – What should I blog about? My response to this was – anything you want! As long as it relates to you, your family, your life, your area and your B&B, then just go for it.

DSC05100Back in the days when I was frantically building my B&B business so I could put food on the table, I used everything I could think of to write about. I wrote a lot about my dog, because he’s cute. He got pretty famous at one stage, and he even has his own Facebook fan page  (a bit deserted now, because he’s been a bit lazy at updating his status! That's dogs for you 😉

Seriously though, just blog. Little and often is better than spasmodic essays. Include a relevant picture if you can, and just focus on getting 200 – 300 words down, optimize it and away you go.

Have fun!


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