Bed and Breakfast Owners – 3 BIG Mistakes almost all B&B owners make on their websites

Dollar signYou've had a website re-design (or you're thinking about one), you've got a fabulous new design, with lots of bells and whistles and moving images, and you're thrilled! You're getting lots of wonderful comments about the look of your new site.  But your bookings have not increased, so what's up?

A client sent me a website brief from her designer recently, and here's the 3 big mistakes that the designer (and maybe you) are making when building or revamping your bed and breakfast website, that is costing you dearly in lost bookings:


Mistake No 1 – Failure to Include a Blog

Your website is a static machine.  It doesn't move or change.  Google thinks it's dead, because it's not moving.  When you add a blog, you add a moving part.  Your website content changes everytime you write and post a blog.  Every new piece of content on your blog (integrall to your website) gives Google and the other search engines another opportunity to put you in front of your ideal guests.  It means that your website is ALIVE! But beware, writing a blog isn't enough if you want to get found online.  You'll need to include some keywords in the title, category and description, and you can do this easily using a WordPress plugin called All In One SEO.  I hope you're using WordPress 😉

Mistake No 2 – Failure to Include Social Sharing Buttons

When people come to your website and like it, they may want to show it to their friends and their network.  Wouldn't that be great?  Are you allowing them to do that?

Your social sharing buttons should be at the bottom of every page and every blog post.  This is a different set of social network buttons that I hope are featured on the top right hand side of every page and post of your website.  Those buttons link to YOUR social platforms.  The ones I'm talking about here should allow visitors to share your content with THEIR networks.  Again, if you're using WordPress, you can install a plugin called Share-a-holic.

Mistake No 3 – Failure to Make Calls To Action

This is a huge mistake I see often with bed and breakfast business websites.  What typically happens is that there are a bunch of pages leading off the navigation bar, and they all lead to “dead ends”.  In other words, you present your visitors with some information, and then leave them hanging, not knowing what to do next.

You must imagine that your visitors are entering your world, and lead them on a journey through your website to the booking page.  Don't make them have to look around for the next step.  There should be a Call To Action to the next step at the end of every piece of information.  If they have to keep going back to the nav bar to find something else, they will lose interest and click away, and that's not good for your business.  Take them by the hand and lead them.

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