Why Bed and Breakfasts must think like Marketers

If you’re running a B&B Business and you think you’re in the B&B business, then you could be shooting yourself in the foot.

Let me explain….

Running a B&B business is a demanding and rewarding occupation, and if, like me, you’ve been running one for any amount of time, you’ll know that to be true.

But here’s the thing…

While you’re busy “running” the business, doing laundry, cleaning the rooms, cooking dinner, chatting to the guests and any other daily tasks that need doing, here’s my question….

Who’s getting the guests?

My belief is that we first need to be in the “marketing business” and focus completely on finding, attracting and nurturing potential guests.  This puts us firmly in the driving seat of our businesses.

When we figure this out, we don’t need to rely on large booking engines who take commission.  We don’t need to be at the mercy of review sites or the local tourist office, or wonder how many people will show up this weekend.  That’s more like wishing and hoping than planning and expecting success.

When we understand how to uncover our unique talents and gifts and put them at the disposal of our target audience ie: those who will value and pay for what we have, and then we learn to systematise and automate the whole process, we are definitely in control, and that, in my opinion is a safer place to be, especially in this challenging economy.

Think like a marketer, act like a host/hostess and you’ll immediately be in the top 1% of B&B owners who actually get it, that being in the B&B business is not your primary focus.  Marketing is.

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