Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Inns – our survey results

How did bed and breakfasts, guest houses and inns do in 2017?  We recently ran a survey and here are the results…

We asked  “What do you find the most challenging in attracting guests?” and 48% answered that they had difficulty with being visible, being reached and being known.  Here's what some said… marketing, where to advertise, getting guests direcctly without using online travel agents, being seen on the net, finding midweek off season guests, staying on the first page of Google, getting found and beating the competition

Next question was “What do you find especially challenging running a Bed and Breakfast, Guest House or Inn overall?”  Time management was the biggest issue.  Here's some comments… finding time to work “on” it as well as “in” it, nil time for myself working 14 hour days, juggling kids, family and the business, everyday is a work day from early in the morning till late in the evening, it can be relentless

Our third question was “What percentage of your bookings come via online travel agents v book direct?” and here's what we discovered…. 55% rely on online travel agents for at least 50% of their bookings, with 27% using them for less than.  Only 19% are not using them at all and attract all their bookings direct.

And our final question was “Where to do go for help?”  26% don't seek any help at all, 33% ask other owners, 21% look online and in forums and only 6% have a professional coach or mentor.

The conclusion I'm drawing from this survey is that 85% of owners are using online travel agents to attract guests (to a greater or lesser extent), 48% are having difficulty being seen and reaching people, 30% are struggling with time management and 54% are looking for solutions from other owners both online and offline.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please do leave me a comment below

Yvonne x

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