How Bed and Breakfast owners make more money

Bed and Breakfast owners, guest house owners and innkeepers are always able to add more value and therefore make more money, but first we need to “expand our awareness”

What does that mean, you ask?

Imagine that you walk into a huge dark room.  There are no windows and the walls are painted black.  There is absolutely no light in there.

So you walk in with a tiny little flashlight which emits a very narrow beam of light and all you can see is what the little beam of light can show you.

There could be all kinds of treasures in that room, but the only thing you can see is what the flashlight is focussing on.

This is what becomes our “reality”.

What we call “our life”.

There could be an infinite number of other possibilities or realities available in that room, but we just can’t see them

Each and every one of us has our own flashlight and consequently what we choose to focus on

And every perspective is different

And from each and every perspective, we develop an attitude towards it

The “this is how it is and nothing can change” attitude

Our focus is on everything that’s going on within the perspective of that narrow beam of light

We cannot see or experience anything else

And we cannot be open to expanding the beam if we don’t become aware of other possibilities

To take the blinkers off is to become open

To understand what our own perspective is, notice what you’re defending

What you believe about yourself and your guests that you will argue for

The clues are in there

I recently did a Facebook livestream in my group Bed and Breakfast Owners and you can watch it below, where we had a great conversation about this very subject and how things can change very quickly, when we begin to remove the blinkers just one centimetre at a time.

I’d love to know what you think, so do leave me a comment below

Dedicated to your success

Yvonne x


How Bed and Breakfast Owners Make More Money (and have more fun) by being aware of their mindset, attitude and focus, and how to deal with the “competition” – Enjoy 🙂