How bed and breakfast owners and innkeepers say NO

Almost all of our problems with our guests can be solved by setting out good policies, communicating them well and then enforcing them through strong boundaries

I know that most people don’t read our terms and conditions, but that’s not the point of them.

The point is that you have defined them and written them down.

You’ve taken a stand for yourself and how you want things to roll at our place

You’ve put your own needs first

This sends an invisible energetic message out into the ether that you’re not kidding and beware anyone who messes with you (in a good way)

Now you need to enforce them

I know how difficult this can be, especially for us women who have been raised to be nice, and put others’ needs before our own

You’ll really have to check in with yourself to know when those beliefs are not valid

You’ll know when guests are over-stepping your mark by a sensation in your body.

It could be a churn of the stomach, or tension in your chest or jaw

This is your early warning system, so please don’t ignore it

This is your moment, to enforce your boundaries and say NO

It’s not mean to refuse an early check in if it’s not convenient for you

It’s not unfriendly to not agree to get up to make breakfast at 5am if it doesn’t suit you

It’s not inhospitable to refuse someone you have a feeling is not going to be comfortable at your place

It’s good business and it’s good for you

Which means it’s good for your guests

Something amazing happens when we begin to respect ourselves and our needs and it transmits to our guests, which means they will respect us too

And everyone has a better experience

Which means they’ll come back and they’ll tell their friends about you

And those guests are the best guests in the world!

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And keep in mind, it’s YOUR business, YOU make the rules ????

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