How to run a bed and breakfast

How Bed and Breakfast Owners control more of their profit

How to run a bed and breakfastYesterday my beloved dog Pepper passed peacefully away in his sleep.

It was totally unexpected even though he was 13 years old, and to say I am heartbroken is an understatement

The day before, on his walk, he was running around the vineyards as usual

If you've ever had a dog and then lost one, you'll know what I'm feeling right now

The grief is real

Here he is








R.I.P. Pepper x

Sometimes life deals a blow and you just have to deal with it.

Last week in the Facebook group, we were informed of yet another change in the way one of the online travel agents run their business

There was a tirade of posts by outraged people

Thinking they could somehow change things if they shouted loud enough

Maybe they could, but most probably not

The only real way to deal with the online travel agents is not to use them at all

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Love and blessings and if you have any fur babies, please give them a hug from me

Yvonne x

how to run a bed and breakfast