Bed and Breakfast and Innkeepers Circle

According to Sir Richard Branson (and a bunch of psychologists) we humans thrive best in groups of no more than 150

This is how Branson structures his companies – no more than 150 individuals in a department/branch/team

Do you know why?

It comes from “Dunbar’s number”.

Robin Dunbar is an anthropologist and psychologist and maintains that the optimum number with whom humans can maintain relationships is 150

The Bed and Breakfast Owners Group on Facebook has grown to over 1000 and I must admit that I don’t know everyone in the group.

And when groups get bigger then we lose connection with each other

Connection is very important to me, and it’s becoming a big issue in our world today, where everyone seems connected digitally, but disconnected from each other emotionally

Deeper connections are what everyone is craving right now, and I want to create those for myself as well.

I changed the focus of the Facebook group last week, and announced in a livestream that I don’t feel I’m doing my job as the leader of the group, when members are not moving forwards or solving their challenges.

So I’m doing something brand new for 2018…. introducing….

The Bed and Breakfast and Innkeepers Circle

A small, intimate, and focused peer group for Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Innkeepers who want help getting into the BUSINESS of running their business, and master the online world to…

  • Attract the guests they want
  • Reduce their commission bill to online travel agents
  • Fill rooms in the low seasons
  • Stand out from the crowd and charge more (despite local competition)

… with the support and accountability of a 1:1 mentor, and the deeper connections a small closed group provides

… but without the premium investment of time and finances required to join a high-priced program

As a Founding Member of the

Bed and Breakfast and Innkeepers Circle, you will receive:


  1. Monthly marketing training and assignments to improve your business and marketing results.  These trainings will be taken from the “pulse” of the group to address the most pressing issues you’re having.  As the online world moves ever faster, these trainings will be the latest tactics that are working
  2. Monthly live Q&A sessions in the group where you bring your challenges and get them solved, so that you won’t need to keep asking how to deal with the online travel agents and their latest tricks, ever again
  3. Your Personal Business Diagnosis to identify exactly where you need to focus in 2018, so that you’re investing your precious time in exactly what will move the needle for you
  4. 15-minute onboarding 1:1 call with me (Yvonne) – held during your first month as a member. This call is my opportunity to get to know you, and for you to set an intention for what you want your business to achieve during the next month, so we know how to best serve you
  5. Support and accountability to keep you on track, so that you’re never wondering what to do next to move forwards

Your investment is $97 per month, no contract, cancel anytime but I encourage you to invest in yourself for at least the next 3 months, so you’ll get the attention and connection you’ll need to get 2018 off to a flying start

CLICK HERE to jump in now for $48.50 for the first 50 only

I’m capping this at 50 initial members, and I want everyone in before Christmas, so I can give you the individual attention you need before we kick off in January 2018

So, if you’re serious about the business of running your business



$97 / Month

$48.50 for the first 50 only

(No minimum contract. Cancel at any time.) 

Limited to 50 places.


CLICK HERE to join the

Bed and Breakfast and Innkeepers Circle now