National #BandBweek in the UK

This week is National #BandBweek in the UK and a celebration of everything that B&Bs bring to the local and national economy. A massive £127bn sized contribution to be precise, brought by around 20,000 independent B&Bs, guest houses and small family run hotels, employing 3.1m people

And that’s not counting how that impacts their local communities, and the ripple effect it creates for everyone connected to the local B&B, helping to feed and clothe families.

When owners welcome guests into their property, they’re effectively bringing new money into the community that wasn’t there before and couldn’t have come by any other means.

When guests stay, owners buy breakfast supplies, employ cleaning staff, use local laundry services, taxi services and shops.  They encourage their guests to use nearby restaurants, pubs and bars, visit attractions and spend their money in the local economy.

None of that outside money or trade would happen without the B&B.

They are the backbone of the tourism industry and this week we’re celebrating them

So when you think about booking your next business trip, weekend getaway or family holiday, please remember to #bookdirect with the B&B, guest house or inn so you'll get the best deal, the best experience all the little added touches that only small hospitality businesses can provide.

You'll be helping to support local business, local communities and people.

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