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Third party booking engines – are they right for B&Bs ?

If you don’t yet know how to identify and market to your target guest, then I suppose those large booking engines such as are useful.  Many of my mentoring clients tell me that they bring lots of business to their B&Bs, but at what cost?

First, there’s the huge commissions they take for the privilege of having them do your job, ie: marketing.  My advice is to learn how to do it yourself, and be in control of your own business, instead of handing away our power to others.  Once you know how to find your ideal guest, you’ll have no need of the likes of  Leave them for the large hotel chains, not our B&Bs.

Second, people who use those sites are often looking for a “great deal” meaning a cheaper price.   They sometimes want to cram a bed too many into your beautiful rooms, putting a strain on the water system and other resources of your home.

And third, when your ideal guest does show up by however route, they might not feel too comfortable sharing accommodation with the bargain hunters.  When there’s too many people in your B&B, you don’t have the time to even recognise your ideal guest, let alone meet their needs.  And what a lost opportunity that would be.