Loving systems

Last week I got an email from a potential guest enquiring about a room for one night.  I replied with a link to the room I recommended for him, and he emailed me back saying that after seeing the room and especially the video of me, he wanted to reserve for 3 nights.  He later went on to order dinner and one of our Champagne tours.

This increased my customer spend from just €120 to just over €1200

How did this happen?

By having a system to offer guests more of your products and services that you have developed especially with them in mind because you know that if they buy them, they will massively increase their enjoyment with you.

You may already be doing this, but I know from experience that when I was doing this manually, I missed things.  I forgot about what I had sent, and what I hadn’t sent, and so some guests were not properly served.

This hap-hazard approach lead to hap-hazard results.

Having a systematized version of this is what allowed me to grow my business by 10x

It requires a different approach to your business, and a change in your attitude and mindset.

I’m feeling blessed this morning at having got a lovely review for my book from Sonia in New Zealand, and it reminded me how powerful this change in attitude can be.  Just a simple change in the way we think can make a massive difference.

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Just this one system alone can dramatically transform your business into a real cash machine that not only makes you a lot more money, sets you apart from your competition, which means you can charge more, but even more importantly will become sooooo much more fun for you and your guests.

You can’t put a price on that

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I'd love to know what you learned and what you are going to change in your business, so please do leave me a comment below

Yvonne 🙂