How are your systems working for you?

What kind of bed and breakfast software are you using?

I’ve just spent most of this afternoon helping one of my clients get clear on her new upselling process so that her guests will have an even better experience with her.

She opened just under 2 years while realising her long-time dream of living in a warm climate and running a B&B.

Upselling to booked in guests is one of 3 essential systems that you must have in place if you’re going to grow and take control of your business

There are two other systems as well

Without these systems you’ll never be able to fully realise the potential of your business

How can I be so sure?

Because these systems are not just essential to hospitality businesses, they are fundamental to all businesses

Take any successful business out there and you will find


And in the 21st century, software to run them

There's a huge choice of bed and breakfast software out there, so how do you know what to choose?

Let me help you

First, what is your income goal?

How many rooms do you have?

What's your average nightly rate?

If you sold all of your rooms every single night of the year – would you reach your income goal?

Knowing that scenario is pretty much impossible, what is your realistic occupancy rate to reach your income goal?

What else can you sell?

What are the price points for those extras?

Add them in

Add it all up and see if you can get to that goal

Now go out and choose some bed and breakfast software to make that happen

If you need help, and you’re ready to put in place these systems in your business because you want to stop paying commissions to online travel agents, fill your rooms in the slow season, charge more for all the work you do, and attract more direct bookings so you can keep all the profit for yourself, then go ahead and CLICK HERE to learn more to see if this is a good fit for you.

Don’t pass up this opportunity to say YES to yourself

Yvonne x