How Bed and Breakfasts bring more “YOU” to their businesses

One of the biggest challenges I see facing the small B&B operator, guest house owner, innkeeper or boutique hotel owner is not owning their value.

It’s somehow got into their psyche that they have to “compete” with larger hotels and must be cheaper.

Who made that one up?

I’m going to make a case for the opposite

You decide

Here's why smaller hospitality experiences are more valuable for guests

In a study recently by they found that more and more, travellers are valuing “enhancing perspectives” which means opening their minds to new experiences and cultures, “liberation” which means somehow feeling more free than they feel in their normal lives and “relationships” which means getting to know new people – and that includes you, the property owner.

Interesting huh?

The thing is that large hotels simply do not have the resources or the motivation to do this.  It’s impossible for them because of their need to make targets, get heads in beds and cut costs at every turn.

They are run largely by accountants, and they need to make the numbers

We need to make the numbers work too but not in the same way

We are mostly “lifestyle” operators, doing what we love and getting paid for it

Sinking into the background and feeling like you’re in competition with those larger hotels is not serving you, and it’s not serving your guests

They want what you have

They want YOU and all your life-enhancing perspectives and the relationships you can offer

You need to lead with that, instead of your prices

This doesn’t mean working harder

It doesn’t mean being more attentive or giving up more of your time for your guests

It simply means bringing more of YOU to the party

But what if you don’t know how to do that?

I get that.  No-one teaches us

We’re all told to sit down, shut up and do as someone else says

At least that’s what happened to me as I went through the British education system

Standing out from the crowd takes courage, and it’s risky

What about the risk of being the same as everyone else?

It can also bring great rewards, both to you and your guests

Because when they know who you are, they can make an educated decision about booking with you

When you’re not specific about who you can best serve, potential guests feel uncertain, wondering what they will find when they arrive

It doesn’t mean turning anyone away

So if you’re just starting out in this wonderful world of small hospitality, let me give you some good advice, that no-one gave to me (but I found out on my own)

Instead of just looking for a lovely property, in a beautiful area, with plenty of tourists coming, take a deep-dive journey into yourself and find out what you love to talk about.

What are your interests, your passions, your values?

And if you’re already running a good business, but you know there’s more for you, then do the deep-dive anyway and see what reveals itself to you.

Here’s an example for you

Tom runs a B&B for railfans.  Tom loves trains, so he bought a property on the railway lines – an old station, and welcomes railfans from all over the world, where they can sit on Tom’s porch and watch the huge trains go by several times a day.  Tom can talk trains all day long with his guests.  He’s well known in the railfans community worldwide, and fellow railfans seek him out.

Tom doesn’t worry about any local “competition” because he’s in a market of his own, and he owns it

What market could you own?

Instead of asking yourself, how can I get more guests (any guests will do, and at any price), you’ll be asking a different question, which will bring you a different result

How can I attract the guests I want to welcome because of who I am and because of who they are?

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You might just surprise yourself

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