A sorry tale….

I wanted to tell you a different story today.  I know that I've been sharing lots of success stories, but you and I both know that not everyone gets what they want and reaches their goals, and that's really too bad, but it happens.

Emma and Jack (I've changed the names to protect the guilty!)  came to me a couple of years ago, because their business revenue was going downhill, they were heavily dependent on booking.com and hated having to pay those commissions.  They were pretty worried about the future…

So they called me up, and we had a discussion about what they wanted to change.  We identified the areas to work on and we got going.  It went well to begin with, but then I noticed a kind of reluctance to take responsibility on our calls.  There would be alot of blaming going on between them.

I would give them assignments to do, and they weren't getting them done, but there was always a really good reason (excuse) as to why it wasn't happening.  They needed to invest in some technology to reach the goals they'd set for themselves, but when it came down to it, they wouldn't invest.  We couldn't move forwards.

The way they were behaving with each other, kind of gave me a clue as to how they were behaving with guests, and it didn't take me long to realise, that they didn't actually have a business problem, they had a relationship problem.  The negativity, resentment and bitterness that was emanating from them was clearly having a bad effect on their business, and this is what we needed to clear up first.

So often, when the problem looks like “this”, sometimes it's really about “that”, but it's easier to look at “this” because “that” is too painful and would require a deeper introspection and self-examination, and most of us human beings aren't ready to do that.

To move forwards in life, I've come to understand, that I need to work on myself first.  Everything that I am experiencing around me is a direct reflection of how I'm showing up with my own resentments, petty grudges and emotional wounds from the past.  I need to heal those first, and everything else will take care of itself.

What will you do for yourself today?

With love and blessings

Yvonne x