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Looking for bed and breakfast jobs?  Read on….

Working in the hospitality industry can be both a pleasure and a curse.  The pleasure is welcoming great guests who love what you do, and the curse is that if you let it, it can take over your life, especially if you're small and don't have a team.

Here's some information to help you decide…

What do you love doing?

Welcoming guests

Delighting your guests with unexpected happy surprises


Doing dishes

Making a nice home

Chatting with strangers

Cleaning toilets

Doing laundry (a lot of it)

Garden maintenance

Home maintenance

Online marketing

Building a website

Managing the website

Managing your database

Attracting guests

Making offers to past guests to get repeat business

Social media interaction

Managing complaints

Doing the books

Counting the money

Some of these bed and breakfast jobs can be outsourced to others, so if you don't tick all of the above (and there is more) then be very specific about what it is you do enjoy doing, and make a decision NOT to do the things you don't enjoy.  All of these tasks are necessary, but not all of them need to be done by you.

You are now not just an employee, you are the CEO of your own business, so be sure to have the attitude that corresponds.

I want to encourage you to differentiate between the tasks that bring you guests and the tasks that don't and then you should be focussing on the tasks that bring you guests, and then giving them your amazing experience.  Nothing else.

You can't do everything yourself

Even if you're small

You'll reach burn out very quickly and that won't serve you or your guests.

It happens to so many bed and breakfast people.  Don't let it happen to you.

Yvonne x

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