How to deal with the guests from hell

We’ve all had them, that’s for sure.  I remember a while ago, I agreed to let two couples stay at my B&B who were attending a wedding in the village.  I don’t know if you know this, but in France a wedding typically goes on all night, ends around 6am, when everyone goes home to bed for a few hours and then the party starts again around midday or early afternoon.

I don’t mind them coming in at 6am if they’re quiet, but it’s the staying in bed until lunchtime I have a problem with.  However, I was still running my hobby at that time, and didn’t realise I could just say “no, sorry I’m full”.

So in they trot in the wee small hours, waking everyone up and then staying in bed until lunch time, not bothering to appear for breakfast, and then I had to knock on their door at noon to ask them to leave, to which they replied in a very disgruntled fashion.

Nobody was happy, especially me.

They are not my ideal guests.  We have nothing in common.  We had no connection, because they didn’t even come earlier to introduce themselves.  I did not want that type of guest in my house.

Here’s how to avoid that happening.  Just say NO.  I’m full, I’m closed, I’d love to welcome you but…. And then give them the name and addresses of other B&Bs in your area, who you know would love to have guests like those.

You do not need to worry about turning business away, because as soon as you start saying “no”,  and you get clear on who your ideal guest is, then there will be a space for them to fill.  This is how it works, trust me.

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