Bed and Breakfast Exhaustion or Serenity?

Extreme Self care for the stressed out B&B owner

Taking care of myself has become my mild obsession of late, and what I’ve noticed is that the more I take of myself, the more relaxed I am, and the happier the guests who write glowing reviews for me on Trip Advisor.  Strange, and perhaps contrarian, but here’s how it works:


  • I block off the online booking calendar and take a day off at least once a fortnight in the busy season, and once a week in the low season.  And yes, that means turning guests away!
  • During my day off, I don’t do any B&B related work.  It’s my day off, after all
  • My check in and check out times are clearly stated both on line and in my pre-arrival communications, so that I am not disturbed during my daily private time.
  • I take a half hour nap every day.  I work long hours, early in the morning and often late in the evenings, so I deserve some extra sleep time during the day.
  • After doing dinner in the evening, when everything is cleared away, I check to see if my guests need anything, and then I bid them goodnight.  I try not to stay up chatting with them.  I’ve already done the chatting earlier in the evening.  They’re adults, they can amuse themselves.

What do you do to take care of yourself in this demanding business?