How to encourage guests to stay longer than 1 night

How to encourage guests to stay longer than 1 night

One nighters are a lot of work for sure, and often there’s not enough time to get to know one another, so that guests feel comfortable returning again and again, which is what we all want, I’m sure.

You have a lot of knowledge about your local area, what’s going on, and how to navigate the local terrain.  You have a lot of expertise on your “niche” or specialist area of knowledge that you love to talk about and share.

Have you noticed what it is?

Ask yourself this?  What do I love to learn about and then share with others, around my life and my local area?  And see what comes up.

You probably don’t even realise quite how knowledgeable you are, and what you do know, you probably think that well, everyone knows that, don’t they?  Well, no in fact, they don’t.

When guests visit your Bed and Breakfast they are looking for an experience, a feeling of being cared for and made comfortable.  And so it’s our job to provide that, and that includes letting them know how they can spend their time.  Think about it, how many times have you given the same information or instructions verbally to your guests, on how to get here, or how to get there?

Instead of giving out information, verbally, write it all down.  Create a Guide to (your region or hobby or special interest).  Write it as if you were telling a child and don’t assume that anyone knows anything, because they don’t.  Add some pictures and some links so that people can go see for themselves.  It will make you look like the expert and that’s a good thing.

Guests will be delighted with all that there is around your local area, and be happy to stay longer or book to come back again, which is exactly what we’re wanting.

Good luck

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