Bed and Breakfast Business Transformation Online Learning Centre

Here's what you'll find inside:

WELCOME TO THE PROGRAM – Getting Started  – 7 steps – an overview of the program and what to expect.  A four part video course and workbook on mindset and how to take control of your thinking and speaking so you can have what you want in your business and your life. The correct attitude to adopt if you want to be successful and independent from the online travel agents. A recommended reading list of books to immerse yourself in.

STRATEGY – the Perfect P.L.A.C.E. Positioner – 9 steps to set up and position you online, identify your ideal guests, where they hang out online, how to craft a clear message that speaks to them, branding and layout of your website, social media accounts set up and branding so that everywhere we see you online, we recognise you.

STRUCTURE – the Sizzling S.T.A.Y. Experience – 18 steps to help you translate your online promise to the experience you deliver offline, at your property every time, so your 5 star reviews are assured.  Includes cleaning procedures, recommended housekeeping principles, check in/check out procedures, how to present yourself physically and psychologically, to greet guests so the moment they step over your threshold, they enter another world.  How to track your financials, what to track and how to calculate your room costs, monitor cashflow, income and expenses

SYSTEMS – the Happy G.U.E.S.T. Formula – Part 1 – 24 steps on how to set up an automated greet and upsell system to ensure that your guests spend more with you, before, during and after their stay and write amazing reviews for you.  How to get real email addresses from OTA bookings, how to build an emotional connection with your booked in guests, so they can’t wait to meet you

SYSTEMS – the Happy G.U.E.S.T. Formula – Part 2 – 35 steps on how to create and make compelling offers to your past guests, creating surveys, with templates and examples to follow, so you can create bookings on demand, low season, high season or whenever you want to.

SYSTEMS – the Happy G.U.E.S.T. Formula – Part 3 – 31 steps on how to create and distribute compelling content on social media to attract more guests into your world, so you’re building your community and brand on your own platform instead of on online travel agents’ platforms.  Includes how to create and distribute a free guide, how to blog correctly for the search engines and increased visibility online, 12 ways to use video to market yourself, how to use email to keep the conversations going and how and when to post on social media for maximum effect.

SCALE – the G.R.O.W. Method – 4 steps to scaling your business to create more revenue streams by leveraging the assets you’ve already created, so you’re less guest-dependent and can experience more freedom.  Includes how to write a book, how to create a related stand alone business alongside your B&B and how to set up an online shop for things you sell at your B&B.

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