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weight lossLast year my friend Ann lost over 3 stones (42lbs/20 kilos) in excess weight and is looking totally amazing.   She’s been so inspired by the process she went through to lose that weight, that she’s recently become a consultant for the major slimming club who helped her to do that.

She launched her new group a couple of weeks ago and now she has over 100 (mostly women) subscribed. Great start!

She’s now in the people business and that means the psychology business.

While chatting recently, she was sharing that many of the people coming to her new group were with another group before, and they’ve moved to her group because of location, distance from home, timing etc. And although those factors have played a part, they’re not the real reasons they’ve moved groups.

The real reason they’ve moved groups is because they are looking for someone who will lead them to their desired outcome or result. My friend is now a leader, whether she likes it or not, and whether she knows it or not.

Your ability to attract and retain guests who come back again and again, and refer their friends and family is directly related to your ability to connect with their desired outcome or result for their visit and then facilitate that happening for them.

It's your ability to be their leader.

So what is this thing called “leadership”.  Let’s first deal with what it’s not….

  • It’s not a position as head of a company
  • It’s not the ability to give out orders and have people do as you say, whether they want to or not
  • It’s not the one who shouts loudest

It’s your ability to lead people to what they most want, by putting yourself in their shoes and seeing the world through their eyes. It’s your ability to create a kind of “safe container” so that when they are with you, they feel totally safe and supported, and if anything unforeseen happens you’ve got it covered. Let me give you an example….

When a family of four – husband, wife plus mother and father of husband arrived last weekend, I knew that my job was to ensure that the husband (who had booked the trip) felt this safety so that his decision to book with us would be validated as a good one in the eyes of his family, especially his wife. So I focused on him, because I knew that him feeling valued and supported was crucial to the success of the weekend.

Everything went well and he rewarded me with a glowing review on Trip Advisor.

This is what you can do, that hotels cannot.

I’m not perfect and I don’t get it right every time. We’re all human after all. But my intention is to give this uncommon experience so that by staying with us, guests feel like their life somehow improved, just a little.

Of course, your warm welcome, your comfy beds and your delicious breakfast play a part, but those are available everywhere.

This “leadership” skill is crucial to the success of your business, my business, Ann’s business, anyone’s business. Leadership is not a position, it’s a way of being, and if you focus on developing your own leadership ability, you will see a transformation in your business.

What do you think?  Do you have any similar stories?  Please do leave me a comment 🙂


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