How are you building your bed and breakfast business?

bed and breakfast signLast week's post on the blog about Trip Advisor received the most comments ever.  If you joined the conversation, thank you.  Ken commented on how he had weighed up the costs of Trip Connect and OTA commissions compared to how much time (money) spent yourself on SEO and keywords etc, and that he found that Trip Advisor’s option was pretty good.  You can read my reply here

But before you go do that, let me explain what I believe to be the fundamental, universal principles of business (and life) that I put into practice to build a 6 figure B&B  with just 4 rooms.  See if you can spot the missing parts 😉

I decided that my B&B would be the centre of the universe in my village, and that I would focus on reaching potential guests and inviting them to find out more.  My B&B is my contribution to the local economy.  The more successful I am, the more successful the village becomes, and that feels good, because it’s not about keeping it all for me, that would make me feel isolated and alone.  You’ve heard of the millionaires, right?  Where they are so afraid of losing their money, that they lock themselves away and hide from people.  Money is a universal flow of energy, the more we open up to the flow, the more we have, and the more we can give.

I then decided I would focus on a particular group of people to whom we could personally add value.  Gone were the days when we just took anybody who knocked on the door.  I decided I would find out what that particular group of people wanted and would value, by asking them.

I then set up my website and entire business to serve those people and serve them better than anyone else.   I became the “go to” B&B for them.  There was no other choice for them and their friends, and they kept on coming back and kept on referring their friends and family.

Next, I asked them what else they would like, and they told me, so we developed those products and services that they said they wanted to buy.  And they did buy.  And so there was more wealth for me and for my village, and an even more amazing experience for my guests.

Then I asked them to help me create a product which would benefit them, and they invested in my product creation, so another product was born, especially for my guests.

Then I ramped the whole thing up into an amazing automated system, which served me, my guests and everyone involved with me.

It was hard work in the beginning but became an amazing experience for us all.

So have you noticed the missing parts?  Did I mention anything about keywords or SEO, or Facebook ads, or messing around for hours on social media trying to get someone to buy?  Did I mention Trip Advisor or or any other online directories or booking agents?

Yes I did do some keyword research to find my ideal guests, and yes I did use Trip Advisor for reviews only.  I have never used OTAs.  My Facebook fan page is deserted, I rarely use Twitter except to publicise a blog post, and as for Google+, well……

I built my whole 6 figure B&B business with just 4 rooms, on good old fashioned connections  and relationships with people.  How are you building your B&B business?  Leave me a comment below, I'd love to know 🙂

Yvonne x






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