How strong are your boundaries?

boundariesThere’s a long thread going on over on Facebook in our private group for B&B owners

What’s it all about?  Boundaries and the abuse of them.

One of the reasons we started in this business, I believe, is because we love people and we love entertaining and taking care of them.

But not every minute of every day

It’s just exhausting and we know it

But maybe guests don’t

So we have to lay it out for them

And it’s hard to do, isn’t it?

It might feel selfish

It might feel a little weird letting them know when they can (and can’t) check in and check out

When they can (and can’t) have breakfast

What we will and won’t do for them, no matter how much they insist

It can feel awkward

But it needs to be said, clearly, professionally and with love.

And if necessary, it needs to be said several times – during the booking process, during the pre-arrival process (you do have a pre-arrival process I hope!) and even sometimes when they arrive and during their stay.

We can’t be at the mercy of other peoples’ poor planning.

So here's my take on this – do leave a comment below and let me know what you think…

For the guests who start to become demanding during the pre-booking process – say no and let them go find somewhere else

For the guests who arrive early when you have clearly stated your check in times – don’t answer the door

For the guests who begin to complain on arrival – kindly suggest that you find them somewhere else (this takes courage, I’ll admit, but it works – you’re letting them know that you’re not taking any nonsense right from the get go)

For the guests with special dietary requirements – insist that they let you know ahead of time so you can prepare, and if they don’t – it’s not your fault so don’t let it become your problem.

And for the guests who trash your place – charge them

Your sanity and serenity are far more important than the money you think you may lose.

Keep in mind that there are 7 billion people in the world and more people than ever are travelling – more lovely guests are waiting to book with you.

You don’t have to take this kind of thing – ever.

You are worth so much more

Do leave a comment below on your thoughts, or come over to our Facebook group by CLICKING HERE and join the conversation.

Dedicated to your success

Yvonne x







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