Is Your Business Automated?

During the last two months, I’ve started helping 3 people outside of the bed and breakfast world, to automate their businesses.  And since this is my specialist area, and having won an award for it to boot, I’m happy to be of service.

Take Ann who runs a specialist wine tour business in France.  She’s doing pretty well for a one-woman show and has built up a great reputation over the last few years.  Ann’s problem is twofold:

a)      by the end of the tourist season, she’s worn out.

b)      her income has plateaued, and her business can’t grow any more without some automated systems, because she simply does not have any time for marketing, following up and making sales

She wants to sell her business within the next couple of years but quite frankly without systems and processes that someone else can takeover, she doesn’t really have a business to sell.  All her knowledge is in her head and almost everything is done manually, plus, this is the kicker….. she’s got no database.

A database of past clients is Ann’s most valuable asset, because whoever buys her business has automatically got a tribe of people who have already experienced what is being offered, and would be much more open to an invitation to return or refer their friends and family, than someone who had never heard of her.  Her database is quite literally, her cash machine.

If there were two wine tour companies for sale in Ann’s area, and one of them had a haphazard way of attracting clients, with everything done manually and revolving around the owner’s ability to handle paperwork, and no systems in place, compared to another which had a fully automated sales and marketing system that brings a steady stream of leads, builds a relationship and turns them into paying clients, while the owner is out doing what she/he loves – tasting wine, then which one would you choose to buy?

I’d love it if you’d leave me a comment below, and tell me what you think

Yvonne 🙂






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