Do you need a new hair do?

hairstyleThere are two hairdressers in my village.  For a village of just over 1000 people that’s pretty good.

So if we leave out the babies who don’t need a haircut, and say 900 people who get their hair cut every 8 weeks (like me) and spend on average 30 euros, then that’s 900 people x 30 euros x 6 times a year = 162,000 euros a year.  Not a fortune, but probably enough to keep the two of them going.

Plus any business from neighbouring villages where there is no hairdresser.

They’re just across the street from each other.

Both have pretty pictures of cool people with cool haircuts – the usual stuff you see in hairdresser’s windows

Both have nice lighting and both play upbeat music

The similarity ends there

Isabelle is hardworking and friendly and her salon is always busy.  If I ring up and try to get an appointment on the same day, I rarely get one.  She’s booked out

She posts on Facebook about the latest looks, what her clients are saying about her and any special seasonal offers, reserved only for her regulars.   She gives out tips and tricks for styling at home and shares her knowledge about the products she recommends

From time to time, I’ll get an email from her letting me know that it’s time for a new hair do

She focusses on building relationships

She’s always positive and never talks about her problems with her clients, even though I know she has a problem with her back – apparently something that many hairdressers have as they age.

It’s a pleasure to spend time in her salon chatting with her while she’s working her magic on my hair

Across the street, there’s Marie’s salon

Marie’s salon is often empty.

When I walk by and wave, she doesn’t look up from the magazine she’s flicking through

I often see her and her assistant standing outside the salon smoking, or outside the baker’s gossiping with someone

I notice that she sometimes copies what Isabelle does in her window

Marie doesn’t have a Facebook page and so has no way of sharing her knowledge, helping potential clients choose great products for their hair or making special offers to regulars

I’ve only been inside her salon once

Rumour has it that Marie studied her craft at a top notch hairdressing school in Paris, so it’s possible that Marie is a better hairdresser than Isabelle, but she’s just not filling her day with customers

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