Be Ready for the Changes

Hello I’m Yvonne Halling and this video is about the changes already taking place in our industry, and those I see coming, so if you own or are planning to own and run a B&B, guest house or Inn, then please pay close attention to what I’m about to reveal.

First, let me speak to you if you’re an established owner, and have become demoralised with the online travel agents, and the way they’ve positioned themselves between you and your guests online, and in many cases intercepted what should have been direct bookings for their own benefit.

This is going to continue.  And even though they’ve been slapped recently for making false claims and offering fake discounts, and as a consequence the public have lost trust, resulting in fewer bookings via those channels, they will be back.

And they’ll be more aggressive than ever in my opinion.  They want to completely dominate the market making it impossible for you to be seen on Google.  And Google is already preventing you from using some of the tools available to other small businesses, because they can see the enormous potential cash available to them if they manipulate the searches to their advantage.

You cannot win in this game, so I encourage you not to play it.

I’ll tell you how in a minute because there is a way, and it’s easier than you think

Now let me speak to you if you have a dream to run a B&B, guest house or inn and you’re in the research and planning stages.  

My one piece of advice to you is this.

This business is NOT what you think it is.

If you think you can invest in a beautiful property in a touristic area and make people happy with your stylish rooms and delicious breakfast and all will be well.  It won’t.

It’s way more complicated than that these days.

Now, I’m not here to burst your bubble, or destroy your dream.

So if you’re established or brand new, then here’s what I see coming and how you can take advantage and have the business you dream of.

First, build a brand and a platform for yourself.  By all means use the online travel agents if you need to, especially if you’re in the starting out phase, but know that they are not your friend and to depend on them year after year will be disastrous for you in the long term.

Second, more and more people are travelling.  That’s one good thing to come out of the online travel agents’ activities – they’ve opened up the travel market.  It’s never been easier to book a weekend away at the drop of a hat.

But more and more travellers are looking for an enriching experience, and that’s where you can really shine.  Larger hotels cannot offer personal experiences.  That’s not what they do.  But you can. So give some thought to the actual experience you offer, beyond the stylish rooms and delicious breakfast, and lead with that instead.  This is your unique value that only you can offer.

And third, put your unique value out there online.  If you’re giving out local knowledge over the breakfast table, then write about it, or better still, shoot a video about it and put it online, so those looking will find it.  The internet is not just for the online travel agents, it’s for everyone and that includes you. Don’t hide behind your property. Come out and show us what you’ve got.

There’s a huge shift in human consciousness going on right now and from what I’ve seen from trusted astrologers, this will continue for many years.  Many of our trusted structures of the past, such as banks, governments and systems are breaking down, which means that new ones will emerge. Be part of the new rather than clinging to the old way of doing things.

Learn, grow, contribute and bring all of you to the online stage, so we can get to know you, like and trust you, and then book with you.  

I’m taking a handful of owners through a brand new process called “From Commodity to Celebrity – the Antidote to the OTAs” and if you’d like more information on how you can get involved, then message me below or email me at and I’ll get back to you.