Bed and Breakfast Rescue TV Pilot Programme

A behind the scenes observational documentary where we feature 3 B&B owners and show them how to MAKE MORE MONEY / INCREASE THEIR BUSINESS / BOOST THEIR TURNOVER via ONLINE MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA

The aim of the programme is to take 3 B&B owners/small hotel owners and show them how to use online technology and social media.

We identify 3 B&B/small hotel owners who either:

  1.  Want to attract more guests/stop using online travel agents and paying commissions
  2.  Want to fill rooms in the low season, or at any time they want
  3.  Want to get more returning guests, referrals and reviews

For the pilot programme, we do an interview first to uncover your current problem and also to get your personality out there.

I then use my coaching and business expertise to help you identify a goal in conjunction with what I know is possible for you. We want you to succeed, and it’s NOT a competition.

The audience will follow your journey from where you start, to reaching your goal which takes place during the rest of the series.

To give you some background and set the scene, here’s what I proposed to the TV production company and what got them so excited…..

The UK B&B/small hotel industry has been highlighted recently by Four in A Bed and the Hotel Inspector series, where they focus mainly on the product (the establishment). In our series, we will focus solely on marketing, relationship building with guests and social media to demonstrate how their business can be improved and profits increased when they take a more business-like approach.

B&Bs and small hotels are typically not savvy about marketing, and this has allowed them to fall prey to online travel agencies such as Expedia, etc. where they are obliged to pay commissions just to get guests. These online travel agencies have literally swooped in and cleaned up and now small hospitality owners find themselves working for them, as suppliers of beds, rather than for themselves. There is a lot of resentment and frustration amongst B&B owners about this and our pilot therefore offers a solution that will be of massive interest not just to others in the industry but to the general public.

Your Golden Opportunity to Work with Me

I’m looking for just 3 businesses who want to take part, and are available to start working with me immediately.

You’ll also get some free publicity for your business (this is not like Four in a Bed, you will not be “judged”)

This would involve one day’s filming for each business.

Our goal is to have the pilot ready for submission to the TV market by the end of February.   We need to act quickly to ensure we have every opportunity of getting this concept off the starting blocks in good time and at least a pilot programme into the market place for that time.

If you’re as excited about this as I am, and are ready to ACT NOW then CLICK HERE to fill in a few details.  We want this to be a good fit for you, and for it to work for you.

Yvonne x

Yvonne 150 October 2014