I’d love to help you…

Mentoring other bed and breakfast owners is a real joy for me. There's nothing as great as helping someone else not make the same stupid mistakes you made! Just thinking back over the last twelve months I've helped dozens of other B&B owners:

get clarity on what they really want from their businesses (the money side is only part of it)
• structure their opening hours so they can take time off for themselves (yes it is possible),
create extra revenue streams (without more work),
• manage to employ someone to do some of the daily chores
set up systems that help guests spend more money with them,
• helped them overcome technophobia,
helped them to discover a niche
• helped them to fill their beds in the low season
attract the guests they feel most comfortable serving (you don’t need to take anyone and everyone)
• changed their mindset around what's really possible for their B&B to achieve
Shown them how social media can work for them – and how they don't have to go to every “party”
• Shown them how to tap into the hidden cash that easily boosts their profits
introduced them to ethical and honest internet marketing that works
• revamped their websites using our proven template that works (we even got a 10/10 from an experienced webmaster!)
have more fun and just enjoy their business more (as they'd always intended)!
and so much more…

It's been quite a ride so far, and I'm absolutely loving it, and so are my clients:

“We're so happy that we decided to work with you Yvonne, our B&B business is transformed already thanks to your ideas and support – thank you”

“Yvonne, you've completely changed the way we think about our business, thank you, we're actually enjoying it so much more now…”

So why am I telling you this? It's not to boast, even though I'm proud of how I've helped my clients. The thing is, my clients have paid large sums of money to work with me, and to access my experience and proven strategies, and I know from speaking with many of you, that 1:1 mentoring is simply out of your reach financially.  And I also know that many B&B owners are struggling in this economy, feeling trapped by what Trip Advisor is doing and worried about how they'll survive.

And you are the people I really now want to help. It just seems ridiculous that I have this knowledge, the contacts and the experience yet until now have not been able to find a way to give my support to everyone who has asked for it.

So I did some thinking and some planning and am ready now to reveal the online mentoring programme I've designed for you which enables you to have access to everything my 1:1 clients get. The thing is that as it's online, it means I can serve more of you at the same time, and what that means for you is a very much lower investment to work with me.

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