Are you investing too much in your product?

toiletriesThis is a great question for bed and breakfast business owners, and one that I often ask them.  I know that you need a good product, that's a given, but when is it good enough for you to stop spending on it?

Here's a rule of thumb:

If your reviews on Trip Advisor are pretty much all very good or excellent, your product is good enough.

If guests are telling you how much they love your place when they arrive, during their stay and when they leave, your product is good enough

If your guests are returning and referring you to their friends and family, your product is good enough

You see, guests don't notice all those little things that you notice aren't quite up to the mark.  They are more interested in the feeling you create for them when you welcome them, when you handle their problems, when you smile and chat with them.  That's why they choose a B&B over an anonymous hotel.

Over-spending on your product often means that your under-investing in your marketing, and that ultimately leads to no business, and then it won't matter how exclusive your window dressings are, or how soft your towels are if you've neglected to invest in the marketing to keep yourself in front of your ideal guests.

Keep in mind that a professional bed and breakfast business owner knows that marketing is his/her primary job, bed and breakfast owner, second, because when you're marketing, you're bringing the business in, and if you're not doing that, who is?

So next time you're tempted to spend on even more accessories or little touches, think about it, does that spend bring you more guests, or would you be better to invest in some marketing know-how to increase your business?

What are your thoughts?