A Bed and Breakfast Tale

Ball gownGrab a tea/coffee/your favourite drink, I'm going to tell you a little story…

Once up on a time there were two friends – Lilly and Lila.

Lilly and Lila used to talk endlessly about finding the man of their dreams and how their lives would be once they were happily married and settled in their dream homes.

One day, the date of the annual city ball was announced.  The girls got together and chatted excitedly about what they would wear, how they would do their hair and how this year would be the year they would both find their dream guys.

Lila decided to research all the best shops where they sold the best gowns, the most expensive jewellery and the most elegant shoes.

She spent hours online, clicking from site to site, trying to find exactly what she wanted, comparing prices, delivery times and checking customer reviews.

In the weeks leading up to the ball, she planned out and shopped for everything she would wear.

On the morning of the big day, she took herself off to the best hairdressers in town to have her thick blonde hair set in the most attractive way that guys like (she researched this as well)

Next she went to the nail salon and had both her toenails and her fingernails manicured and painted in colours that matched her new expensive gown.

Lila spent a fortune on her look and wanted to get it just right for her dream guy that she was sure to meet at this year’s ball.

Lilly went shopping too, but she didn’t have enough money to kit herself out like her friend Lila, but she felt good in her much less expensive ball gown.

She didn’t go to the hairdressers or the nail salon either, preferring to do her nails herself and wear her hair naturally.

The day of the ball arrived.

Lila arrived first.

When she made her grand entrance, looking like Cinderella in her million- dollar ball gown, perfectly manicured nails and her stunning hair-do, she heard a collective gasp from the people in the room.

She looked amazing and she knew it.

She positioned herself where she felt she would attract the all right guys and waited.

Lilly arrived a little later, looking fabulous in her not-so-expensive ball gown and her brown, wavy hair naturally falling down her back

There was no gasp from the people.

As she stood there at the entrance, she glanced around the room to find a familiar face – someone she could talk to and then suddenly, someone touched her arm.

“Would you like to dance”?  Immediately she was whisked off on to the dance floor and for the rest of the evening, she was never for one moment, alone.

She talked, she danced, she sipped wine, she laughed and for some reason, throughout the entire evening, there always seemed to be a crowd of happy faces surrounding her.

She seemed to be the centre of attention with her infectious laugh and interest and concern for others.

When she opened her purse the next morning she had a bunch of names of guys who wanted to see her again.

A very happy Lilly.

Lila on the other hand, stood alone most of the evening.

It didn’t occur to her that despite her amazing good looks, extravagant clothes and expensive hair-do, none of it meant anything unless she made an effort to talk to and connect with people.

Instead she didn’t meet anyone interesting, left the ball alone, and when she opened her purse the next morning, she was met with the credit card bill for her over-the-top shopping spree.

A not-so-happy Lila.

You've probably guessed where I'm going with this…

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