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There's 50% off all courses in our elearning centre:

Module 1 How to set your boundaries so you don't feel resentful with your guests, and you always have time for yourself.  How to work out and set realistic goals, manage your time effectively and delegate.   How to calculate your room rate, so you know you're making a profit

Module 2 How to manage your basic housekeepiing tasks, laundry, cleaning and general standards to go by – included is a 29 point check-list which is especially helpful if you're just starting out

Module 3 How and what to measure financially so you always know how you're doing at any moment.  This is also very helpful if you're just starting out and don't know which numbers to track.  It's also really helpful for anyone who doesn't know how much they made in any given year 🙂  (That was me!)  There's 4 key spreadsheets, all formulated for 5 years, so whatever you enter in this month, will magically show up in January Year 2

Module 4 How to find and lead with your unique value, rather than your prices.  The powerful exercise in this Module will show you how to uncover your special knowledge and expertise and how to position yourself as the “expert in the eyes of your guests”, which means you can not only charge more, but you'll have more fun too

Module 5 How to structure your website so you're leading your visitors easily to your booking page, building trust at every turn.  Did you know that according to booking dot con, more than 81% are leaving websites before they book.  Make sure you're reassuring your visitors all the way, so they actually make the booking with you

Module 6 How to start using technology as your employee to build even more trust once the booking has been made, and set out your terms and conditions, so everyone knows what to expect.  So many people leave this bit out, and risk not meeting guests' expectations, poor reviews and disappointment all round

Module 7 How to set up your online presence on social media so that wherever we meet you, we know it's you.  You'll also get a social media marketing plan so you'll always know what to post, when to post and how to post for maximum effect.

Module 8 How to use blogging to attract the attention of the search engines and therefore, your potential guests.  It's not enough to blog about your recipes or your pets.  I'll show you how to be a lot more strategic and savvy with your search engine optimisation via blogging, so you'll attract more guests

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